Scientific Programme Highlights

The ESRA programme focuses on practical education and clinical applications in anaesthesia and pain management. Explore introductions by the speakers to their sessions below or for the ESRA 2017 timetable, please click here .

This year's programme is highly interactive, we have sessions like:

Problem Based Learning Discussions
An interactive session, based on a case, in which voting by the audience is used to explore options and solutions. No pre-registration required. Included in registration fee.

Pro-Con Debates
Interesting topics currently under discussion will be debated by the speakers with the inclusion of the audience via voting. No pre-registration required. Included in registration fee.

Hands-On Cadaver Workshops
Cadaver Workshops are strictly limited in number and early registration is highly recommended. These workshops will take place at a nearby medical institute with all the practical requirements for working with cadavers. Pre-registration is required.

Hands-On Clinical Workshops
Hands-On Clinical Workshops (Adults and Paediatric) implement the use of human models and ultrasonography as mediums of demonstration. Pre-registration is required. 

ESRA programme has 6 tracks

•Central Nerve Blocks

•Chronic Pain Management

•Peripheral Nerve Blocks



•Postoperative Pain Management

Sessions Type

Refresher Course
Refresher Courses discuss a topic in depth, and refresh the knowledge of participants. No pre-registration required. Included in registration fee.

Multiple lectures related to an overall topic. No pre-registration required. Included in registration fee.
Ask the Expert
Ask the Expert Sessions are interactive sessions between participants and experts. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.  No pre-registration required. Included in registration fee.
Luncheon Sessions
Luncheon sessions are informal lunch meetings with experts. A group of 10 people sit and enjoy lunch and a fruitful discussion. Pre-registration is required.

Live Demonstration Workshops
Live Demonstration Workshops refers to workshops with models and ultrasound machine presentation, however, to an audience rather than hands-on. No pre-registration required. Included in registration fee.

Programme Highlights

Refresher Course 01: Peripheral nerve blocks in children (peripheral)
Refresher Course 08: The caudal block: an update
Pro Con Debate 2: Regional anesthesia has significantly improved outcome after major orthopedic, abdominal and thoracic surgery (Central)
Refresher Course 14: The best way to top-up a labor epidural catheter for emergency c-section: strategy, drugs and pitfalls. (Obstetric)
Pro Con Debate 9: Opioid free surgery and anesthesia is the only way forward ! (Postoperative)
Problem Based Learning Discussion 07: Since I had my blood patch, my head is constantly throbbing. (Obstetric)
Pro-Con 16: Cardiac valve stenosis remains an absolute contraindication to spinal anesthesia (Central)
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